Tens Rugby is one of the most popular social formats of rugby.

  • 480 Players
  • 24 Teams
  • 3 Divisions
  • 66 Games
  • 2 Fields
  • 2 Days

Touch Rugby has less contact and a format of the game for everyone.

  • 320 Players
  • 32 Teams
  • 2 Divisions
  • 132 Games
  • 2 Fields
  • 2 Days


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The only format of the game that has been included in the 2015 Olympics.

  • 240 Players
  • 16 Teams
  • 2 Divisions
  • 44 Games
  • 2 Fields
  • 1 Day

The interprovincial touch tournament including senior regional teams.

  • 400 Players
  • 40 Teams
  • 10 Associations
  • 300 Games
  • 4 Fields
  • 3 Days

Rugby Rush

Rugby Rush (noun): the sudden, intense urge to play, participate or support the game of rugby in every available format or form.

For many South African’s rugby is not just a game but also a way of life; it’s a serious matter, a source of pride and joy. Whether playing or supporting, rugby is inherent in the daily lives of many. We have seen the game unify a nation, bring hope, and inspire individuals to achieve greater heights.

In 1995 the “Rugby Rush” took over the country, overcoming cultural and racial barriers, gender and prejudice, entering and brining together people in every home across South African.

This “ Rugby Rush“, this passion and love for the game, continues to inspire early morning training, late night drinks, weekend getaways and trips abroad in the pursuit of a certain excitement and “rush” around the game.

It’s this rush that inspired us to establish the RUGBY RUSH brand. We believe in all forms of rugby – 15s, tens, touch, sevens, development and lets not forget the team on the touch line; the spectators. We know that much of the love for rugby is what happens off the field as well. Our aim is to create a platform where this "Rugby Rush" can be enjoyed by all.


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